proWES (profound WingChun & Escrima Systems) is an international martial arts organization founded in 2011 and it has schools in 15 countries with around 3000 members. WingChun & Escrima are the styles that being taught in the organization.

proWES is a martial arts organization founded in the year of 2011. There are two styles being taught in the organization: WingChun and Escrima

The purpose of the organization and its structure

The purpose of this organization is not being a commercial franchise company or achieving in international commercial area. Besides, its purpose is to supply a qualified and honest instruction, offering a limitless knowledge flow.

It serves with instructors who transfer their knowledge about these valuable styles to the students with a passionate way of an amateur spirit instead of commercial expectations and rules supporting those expectations. It is based on a structure where there are no commercial anxiety.

The main purpose of the organization is transferring those valuable styles taught to us to the students honestly and in a way that they deserve without making concessions of the main principles and main moral virtues of martial arts.

proWES is purified from every kind of unnecessary rules and surprising payments which ruin the motivation and the instructional continuance of the student. With this attitude it stands in a totally opposite position with the usual understanding of "professional martial arts organization."

In proWES you pay for what?

In proWES , you only pay for the instruction you received. proWES guarantees that you will only pay for the following things "until the end of your education":

1- The monthly payment of the group lessons.
2- The payment for the seminars you attend.
3- If you want to receive private lessons, the payment for it.

In proWES, you DO NOT pay for what?

- The membership passport and the renewing process
- The annual payments
- The extra level tests during the seminars
- The sections and forms in the upper levels
- The surprise contents you encounter in your future educations
- The instructor licenses (if you are an instructor)
- The monthly payment of the region (If you are an instructor) etc.

Seminars, schools and instructors:

The Chief Instructor and Sifus organize seminars at schools in order to protect the quality of their systems. It is not an obligation to attend these seminars but they are important activities for improvement. Seminars are sometimes about a subject decided at an earlier time. And annual seminar dates are announced on Internet at the beginning of the year and students have enough time to plan their schedules. Seminars can be attended by every level in case it is not stated that they are only for the instructors.

In proWES schools you can start receiving instructions at any time you want, and you can join the continuing groups. It does not have a certain beginning date or period. The instructors themselves (or the assistants in upper levels) will pay extra care to the beginners and will help them to adapt the group as early as possible.

You can attend a class at any of our schools as a guest, ask questions to our instructors and get detailed information. You can be sure that our instructors will welcome you delicately, without prejudices and with respect and will answer your questions with great sensitivity.

According to the principles of proWES organization we accept the whole martial arts community as a big family. And we expect each participants of this big family to be respectful, tolerant and supportive against each other. As an organization which adopts WingChun and Escrima and teaches them we ask all of our students to be open minded against all of the martial arts and their students. The way you respect your own martial art and expect others to do the same, you also should respect other martial arts in return. It is the good and the true option when everyone has something to share with each other.

Ego is an important fact which is supposed to be kept under control. We expect our students or our instructors to not turn their self confidence which they received during their education into ego. This situation will not suit on a martial artist, moreover it will provide big blinkers for that person.

In proWES we do not want instructors who think that they are invincible and who cannot keep their ego under control. This situation will soon reflect upon your students, and such situations which do not fit our understanding of martial arts and which do not fit our purpose will be faced.

Of course we also are proud of our styles and we think that they are quite effective. But it should not be forgotten that styles themselves cannot fight instead of you, in fact YOU are the one who put them into life. As a conclusion you should get rid of such feelings, you should focus on improving your skills everyday. Being humble is an important virtue in martial arts and "it is the action of the person which talks best about him/her."

proWES International | WingChun Technicians (TG)
(TGs listed in alphabetical order.)

Guillermo Cordoba | 4th TG (Madrid, Spain)
Ivaylo Krastanov | 4th TG (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Jose Crespo | 4th TG (Canarias, Spain)
Şahin Kaygusuz | 4th TG (Izmir, Turkey)

Abel Solorzano | 3rd TG (San Jose, Costa Rica)
Adrian Suarez Vocero | 3rd TG (Asturias, Spain)
Ariel Solorzano | 3rd TG (San Jose, Costa Rica)
Javier Otero Lorente | 3rd TG (Valencia, Spain)
Ozan Yılmaz | 3rd TG (Eskisehir, Turkey)

Alperen Akgül | 2nd TG (Sivas, Turkey)
Ariel Rivera | 2nd TG (San Jose, Costa Rica)
Daniel Fulgencio | 2nd TG (Asturias, Spain)
Diego Lopez Crespo | 2nd TG (Asturias, Spain)
Emre Akgül | 2nd TG (Sivas, Turkey)
Nedim Türe | 2nd TG (Eskisehir, Turkey)
Özgür Baş | 2nd TG (Ankara, Turkey)
Paulo Duarte Bajuca Cabaço | 2nd TG (Sevilla, Spain)
Selim Karabol | 2nd TG (Istanbul, Turkey)
Serhat Arvas | 2nd TG (Antalya, Turkey)
Volkan Durmaz | 2nd TG (Izmir, Turkey)
Yiğit Civan | 2nd TG (Izmir, Turkey)

Ahmet Akgül | 1st TG (Sivas, Turkey)
Alexis Fleitas Garcia | 1st TG (Barcelona, Spain)
Antonis Vlachos | 1st TG (Athens, Greece)
Barlas Yavuzalp | 1st TG (Zurich, Switzerland)
Boris Bachvarov | 1st TG (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Bülent Akyol | 1st TG (Izmir, Turkey)
Carlos Torres | 1st TG (Madrid, Spain)
Elnur Bedir | 1st TG (Bursa, Turkey)
Hernán Armijo G. | 1st TG (Rancagua, Chile)
Hüseyin Akgül | 1st TG (Sivas, Turkey)
Javier Todoli Agut | 1st TG (Valencia, Spain)
Javier Vives García | 1st TG (Valencia, Spain)
Jose Maria Bedmar | 1st TG (Madrid, Spain)
Jozef Divilek | 1st TG (Prague, Czech Rep)
Julio C. Marin | 1st TG (Valparaiso, Chile)
Kristiyan Anastasov | 1st TG (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Lazaro Gutierrez Abreu | 1st TG (Canarias, Spain)
Levent Bingül | 1st TG (Vancouver, Canada)
Marcelo Solorzano | 1st TG (San Jose, Costa Rica)
Marcos Perez Moreno | 1st TG (Barcelona, Spain)
Mehmet Kilimci | 1st TG (Istanbul, Turkey)
Mert Akay | 1st TG (Antalya, Turkey)
Mesut Hastürk | 1st TG (Antalya, Turkey)
Murat Furkan Yaprak | 1st TG (Sivas, Turkey)
Pavel Hubanov | 1st TG (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Theodoros Vaniotis | 1st TG (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Veselin Petkov | 1st TG (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Yusuf Sağkaya | 1st TG (Antalya, Turkey)
Zebensui Perez Gutierrez | 1st TG (Canarias, Spain)


profound: entering deeply into knowledge; having a deep insight or understanding.
prowess: a skill that you can learn by study, practice and observation.

Founders & Chief Instructor

Cemil Uylukcu
Cemil Uylukcu
Founder & Chief Instructor
Berat Uylukcu
Berat Uylukcu
Co-Founder (exited in 2023)

Sifus of proWES

Jose Crespo
Jose Crespo
Sifu | 4th TG WingChun

proWES Canarias, Spain

Guillermo Cordoba
Guillermo Cord.
Sifu | 4th TG WingChun

proWES Madrid, Spain

Ivaylo Krastanov
Ivaylo Krastanov
Sifu | 4th TG WingChun

proWES Sofia, Bulgaria

Sahin Kaygusuz
Sahin Kaygusuz
Sifu | 4th TG WingChun

proWES Izmir, Turkey

Javier Otero
Javier Otero
Sifu | 3rd TG WingChun

proWES Valencia, Spain

Adrian Suarez
Adrian Suarez
Sifu | 3rd TG WingChun

proWES Asturias, Spain

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